Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby

The transition into motherhood can be hard enough without having to worry about being comfortable all of the time. The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby pillow is here to help you with that!

Canandaigua The Medicine Shoppe Luna Lullaby

This pillow can be used in multiple ways for your own comfort. This pillow is great for back problems in the third trimester. Many women experience some type of discomfort but this pillow can make sitting down more comfortable as well as laying down. Many women also find it harder to sleep because of their growing stomach. Although this does have multiple uses the main reason most mothers use this pillow is for help while nursing. It makes nursing easier having to not hold him/her as high up as the pillow is the perfect height.

Canadaigua The Medicine Shoppe Luna Lullaby

The “V” shape is perfect for that new growing belly and the post partum stage as well.