Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Canandaigua The Medicine Shoppe Breastfeeding

August is breastfeeding awareness month. Here at Canandaigua The Medicine Shoppe, we are dedicated to helping you with all of your breastfeeding needs. We carry two different style pumps, the Medela Pump in Style and the Ameda Purely Yours. We are also fully stocked with MilkMakers Lactation cookies, Simple Wishes Pumping Bras, Medela, Ameda, and Nuk milk storage bags,NuRoo nursing scarves, Rachel’s Remedy breastfeeding relief packs, and Luna Lullaby nursing pillows. Only to name a few…

Breastfeeding is important for many reasons not only for the child but it benefits the mother as well. Mothers who breastfeed decrease their chance of obtaining breast and ovarian cancer while also decreasing the chance of osteoporosis.

Breastmilk supplies all the necessary nutrients while also fighting against allergies, sickness, and obesity. Babies who are breastfed can have healthier weights as they grow. It also protects against certain diseases and infections.

Breastmilk is ever changing. It changes constantly throughout a child’s breastfeeding journey. A child at one year will not have the same milk produced as a newborn would have. It also changes based on time of day. When a mother nurses at night her milk contains melatonin which helps put not only baby but mom to sleep as well.
Another benefit of breastmilk is that it is always ready when fed directly from the breast. If a mother is out and about there is no need for fuss with correct portioning. It is as simple as finding a comfortable position to nurse the baby.

We want to celebrate breastfeeding awareness month with you! Print this article out and bring it in for 15% off any breastfeeding product excluding breastpumps during the month of August.



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