Rachel’s Remedy

You finally have your bundle of joy in your arms and you’re ready to breastfeed to give your baby the healthiest nutrients your body produces right? Well it isn’t always that easy. Most mothers encounter engorged and sore breasts, clogged milk ducts, and maybe even mastitis! Instead of trying to wrap your brain around the hundreds of ways you’ve read you could fix these issues try using Rachel’s Remedy instead.

Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are the only FDA-cleared moist heat and cooling relief packs made specifically to provide nursing comfort and convenience. Our packs are made to slip right into any bra, so that you get moist warm or cold relief against your skin, and a water resistant backing to protect your clothing from getting wet.

Rachel's Remedy Canandaigua The Medicine Shoppe

These relief packs

-Increases milk flow
-Encourages let-down
-Helps prevent mastitis
-Relieves symptoms associated with clogged ducts, milk blebs, blisters and  engorgement
-Soothes general pain and discomfort

These sound like heaven in your bra. Thankfully a mom from Western New York was tired of trying all of the old wive’s remedies and decided to come up with her own remedy, Rachel’s Remedy. This is perfect for the everyday mom who has better things to do than tend to her breasts every second other than while nursing. It slips right in and no one knows it is there. Just put it on the issue and watch your problems fade away.

Rachel's Remedy Canandaigua The Medicine Shoppe